Learning Letters Looks Like This

Learning your letters doesn’t mean sitting down and writing a B over and over and over

Learning letters means building a B out of blocks and driving your car over it

Learning letters means rolling them out in playdough

Learning letters means using your pretzels to make letters, before biting them into new shapes, and creating necklaces of letters

Learning letters means making signs for the store you created and taking orders in your “restaurant” and seeing what friend isn’t at school that day

Learning letters doesn’t mean boring books

Learning letters is reading poetry, playing silly rhyming games and getting excited by every letter your recognize in your community

Learning letters is reading the books you want to read, on things you find interesting, as many times as you want

Learning letters is telling stories and illustrating them and writing labels for your artwork

Learning happens when children play, explore and discover with their whole bodies. Don’t discount the moments that happen every day where children are discovering the power of letters, the fact that they have meaning and how they can be used. This will help them see WHY we read and write, not just how to do it.

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