Cabinet of Curiosities LLC

Cabinet of Curiosities LLC brings the wonder of museums to children and their families by presenting unique, engaging programs to educators and community groups.

I specialize in professional development for early childhood educators and and can provide training at your location or on-site at a museum. In addition to professional development, I customize lessons for children 0-8 years old, run parent workshops and assist with curriculum development.

Cabinet of Curiosities LLC also works with museums to design educational opportunities for young children and their families, produce early childhood education resources and provide staff training.

I write about kids, museums and how to bring it all together on my blog! Look for posts related to:

I am also the editor of “The Care and Keeping of Museum Professionals” a collection of essays, reflections and resources from museum professionals across the field. Available in paperback and ebook

Based in Northern Virginia, I will happily travel throughout the region.


3 Responses to Cabinet of Curiosities LLC

  1. Thank you for your recent tweets about the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX.
    Come see us again!

  2. Raga says:

    I appreciate your email and the details.
    I will contact someone in my school and will let you know and hopefully they can fit this into their activity schedule for the school year.


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