Available Services

Below are some of the available services from Cabinet of Curiosities LLC. We will gladly work with you on any project related to young children and museums education, so please contact us with your ideas! Price will vary depending on group size, length of the program and materials needed. Visit the page on “Past Projects” for topic ideas.

Professional Development Workshops: Adult education seminars that focus on museums and young children and can be adapted for staff, early childhood educators, volunteers and families.  Specialties include family learning in museums, developmentally appropriate practice for children birth-8, and trauma and young children. Can be offered onsite or through virtual platforms

Museum Consulting: Help you and your staff better meet the needs of young children and their families.  Cabinet of Curiosities LLC can design and teach public programs, lead staff training, provide exhibit consulting and develop early childhood resources.

Early Childhood Programs: An instructor led program for children that incorporates books, songs, artwork and hands-on activities to introduce your specific theme. These programs can focus on any topic (literature, math, science, art etc.) and are easily modified for classrooms, libraries, community groups and private events.

Field Trips: Instructors work with you to design a field trip to a local museum. This experience can include a pre-visit session, group lesson in the museum and follow-up activities at your location.

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