Museum Says NO TOUCHING? No problem!

Engaging children in museums where touching is NOT allowedMore and more museums are making themselves accessible to families with young children. However, that doesn’t mean that you will suddenly be able to touch everything in the museum…it just wouldn’t be good for the objects! So, what do you do with young kids at a museum that says “DON’T TOUCH?”

I wrote a post for the National Museum of American History that gives some concrete ideas for how to engage even very young children when they have to keep their hands off.

5 kid-tested ways to explore a museum exhibition (without touching)

Museum educator Sarah Erdman makes your next museum visit with the family just a little more fun with tips on how to boost interactivity when a “no touching” policy is in effect.

I’ve blogged before about strategies I use to make hands-off museum exhibitions more engaging for my students and my own toddler. I wrote about making observation active, asking your kid “visual thinking” questions, “theme-ing” your visit around a fun topic, and letting your kid be the tour guide. The response from readers? “Be more specific!”

Here are five kid-approved ways you can interact with different objects… without touching them!…read more

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