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Are you a member of the American Alliance of Museums? Are you working as a consultant…freelancer…independent professional…contractor…holding-down-multiple-jobs-at-different-institutions? Well, we finally have a “home” just for you!

The Independent Museum Professionals Network is brand new and  officially part of the Professional Network  at AAM. We are just getting started, which means we are looking for all of YOU to join us, join the leadership team, make your needs heard so we can create the kind of professional support system you need.

Any member of AAM can join, just follow the link above and add it on to your profile (no extra charge!). If you are planning to be at the AAM Annual Meeting in May, we are hosting a couple of events and can’t wait to meet you!

We are also building out our Steering Committee and filling roles on the Executive Committee. Interested or want to learn more? Get in touch! You do NOT have to be attending Annual Meeting to be part of the leadership.

Make sure your emails from AAM are skipping your spam folder so you can get updates and also keep an eye on #IMPNetwork on Twitter!

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