Are You Doing It Wrong?

(Photos show a collage of pictures I took over the weekend at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Industry)

Would you like to know a secret? Unless you are damaging the collections, or interfering with other visitors, there is really no “wrong” way to do a museum.

Do you like wandering through and just stopping at what draws you in? Great!

Do you read every piece of wall text? We love you for it.

Do you put your phone on silent and sink into the experience? Sounds lovely

Do you take tons of photos and post all about it on social media? I bet your followers rave about it.

Do you go by yourself? With friends? With kids?

Do you stay for 30 minutes, or 3 hours?

Do you stop by old favorites? Take in only the new exhibits?

It’s fine, it is really all fine. We are just glad you are here.

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