Welcoming Young Children Into the Museum: A Practical Guide (Routledge)

Welcoming Young Children into the Museum provides all of the information practitioners need to consider when making the decision to engage with this audience and their careers. Meeting the reader where they are, this guide enables professionals to work toward outcomes that fit with their needs.

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Trauma and Young Children: Teaching Strategies to Support and Empower (NAEYC)

The world can be a confusing, frightening place to young children. More than ever, early childhood educators need accurate information and practical guidance for helping children and families who have experienced trauma.

Purchase “Trauma and Young Children” here also available in a Resource Library Bundle with a Interactive Learning Module

The Care and Keeping of Museum Professionals

This book takes you behind the scenes, not into the museum collections but instead into the diverse experiences of the professionals doing the work. Hear from people across the field as they share their insights and reflections and offer specific strategies for individuals, institutions, and the field as a whole.

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