Just Ask

The holiday season is here, kids are off from school and a lot of us are going to holiday parties or traveling to see friends and family.  Packing up the kids is never easy, they just seem to come with a lot of stuff! Not only that, but there is a lot of planning based on where you are headed. Some you may guess (“Hm, safe bet they aren’t baby-proofed, better plan for that”) and some you might ask (“Do you guys have any pets?”)

When you are asking the host/hostess about pets, food allergies or other needs please add in one more question “Are there any unlocked guns where the children will be playing?”

The question doesn’t come naturally to me, it sticks in my throat every time I am setting up a playdate at a new friends house…but it is important. Many houses have guns, and many of those are unlocked and only “hidden” where the owners think children can’t find them.  The thing is, kids are curious and resourceful and it is better to assume they will find it.  Also, no matter how much you coach kids to leave guns alone, their brains just aren’t developed enough to trust that the lesson will stick in the right moment.

You aren’t asking to pass judgement on gun ownership….you are asking to make sure your kid is safe in their surrounding. If more of us asked, and it became as natural as asking if anyone has an allergy, think how much we could reduce unintentional shooting deaths of children.

For more information visit the “Keep Kids and Families Safe” page of the Brady Campaign.

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