Red- Michael Hall


Most education articles and books focus on how to help kids understand difficult concepts in concrete age appropriate ways.

Sometimes though, it is the adults who need that even more.

“Red” by Michael Hall is a clear reminder that every child is different and has different abilities, but endless potential when those abilities are tapped the right way. It is also spells out for us that the role a child is born into may not be who they truly are.

I first heard about the book through a Facebook post by Momastery (I am working to find the link). It inspired me to check out the book with my 3yr old and I was so impressed that he found a copy under the Christmas tree.

I think this book should be required reading for anyone who wants to work with young children. We need these reminders that if children aren’t living up to our expectations… then we should take a good hard look at what we are asking if them

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