Children are Watching

One morning as I was getting ready, my 2 year old came up and stood next to me. She solemnly dipped her finger in my contact case and then dabbed at each of her eyes. Next, she picked up the deodorant and waved it under her arms. Then she skipped off to find her toothbrush.

As parents, caregivers and educators we think a lot about what we work to teach children. Reading, sharing, eating healthy…the list seems endless. What we may discount is just how much, about so many different things, that they pick up from watching us. They notice what you do.

On a frazzled morning as I was trying to get everyone out the door, I was getting frustrated by lost items and lots of questions. My 5 year old put a hand on my arm and said “We can figure that out later, let’s not worry about it right now, let’s focus on getting me to camp.”

Although it seemed that every time I would encourage him to “focus” on a task he hadn’t heard me, the message had clearly gotten through. They hear what is being said, and how it is being said.

This isn’t a “mommy shaming” post. I’m not telling you to watch every word or moderate every emotion. It is more of an opportunity. You have a chance to make an impact just by doing what you do. Whether it is in the museum, the classroom, your own home or on the train ride home. Children are watching and learning from you.


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