I Promise

wp-1466099838684.jpgThis is not an overtly political blog. However, if you piece together my demographics and the things I care about (early childhood education, museums, arts, culture, access…) you can make a pretty good guess what way I lean politically.

Which might explain why I am up at 4:30am on the day after the election with anxiety coursing through my body. I can’t stay in this head-space though, it doesn’t do anyone any good. So, instead, let me tell you what I promise.

As a teacher, I promise to love the children in my class fiercely and for just who they are. I promise to see them as individuals and find what they need to thrive. I promise to teach them how to resolve conflict, work together, stand up for themselves and others and explore with wonder and joy. I promise to support the families, respect them and connect with them.

As a museum professional, I promise to continue to work for everyone’s stories to be included . I will create, design, educate and advocate so that anyone can feel like they walk into a museum and belong there. I promise to not shy away from difficult dialog and to learn as much as I can to be a respectful and responsible professional.

As a mother, I promise that learning will start at home for my children. They will learn to think for themselves, they will learn about consent, they will learn about standing up for themselves and others. I promise that I will do everything I can to raise kind kids. I promise that I won’t shy away from the hard conversations.

As a person, I promise that I will be kind. It isn’t much, but it is the best I can do. I will stand up for you, I will smile at you, I will see you for who you are. I will educate myself and use the privilege I have to make whatever difference I can.

This is all I can offer at this moment. No matter what you hear or read in the coming days, remember that there are many people like me who will do what they can, with what they have to care for you.

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1 Response to I Promise

  1. Linda Gamble says:

    And this is the silver lining….as we look forward we are required to be our best selves to offset anything or anyone who might wish us to be otherwise.

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