I am a superhero…I can


The morning after the election I sat in circle facing my wiggly, wonderful group of 3 and 4 year olds. It was the first time I’d brought a script with me to meeting. I didn’t trust myself to get through what I wanted to say and I didn’t want to leave anything out.

First, I pulled out our superhero poster. They’d worked hard on coming up with all of the things a superhero does and how they can be superheroes. It was our way of talking about being kind to each other, whether you were “best friends” or not. Together we read

I am a superhero, I can:

  • Help other people
  • Protect myself
  • Be a boy or a girl and like any color

I become a superhero when :

  • People need help and I come
  • I ask for help

Then I told them I had something VERY important to tell them about superheroes.

“Did you know that we are all superheroes?

“As superheroes we have a really important job, more important then getting the “bad guy,” do you know what it is? It is protecting and helping each other

We are team together. It doesn’t matter if we look the same, like to play the same things or are best friends. We are a team

If ANYONE tries to make you feel bad, or tell you to make others feel bad, say “NO! We are a team!”

We’ll repeat this. Over and over again we’ll read our list. It is one conversation out of many…but it is a start.

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