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Museum Visitors are Incredibly Brave

As museum professionals I think we forget sometimes to step back and look at things from a visitor’s point of view. Our visitors are incredibly brave. They come up to a a strange building, with rules that they don’t know, … Continue reading

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Why are Great Museum Workers Leaving the Field

Published on “Alliance Labs” through the American Alliance of Museums We’ve all had the conversation. Maybe it was with your work buddy, or your former museum studies classmate as you caught up over drinks. Or maybe it was you, at … Continue reading

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Technology and Early Learning

The “tech world” moves fast and there is increasing pressure for early childhood education and museums to incorporate the latest technology. Educators are interested in the possibilities, concerned about the implications and want to know what the “right” way to … Continue reading


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I Promise

This is not an overtly political blog. However, if you piece together my demographics and the things I care about (early childhood education, museums, arts, culture, access…) you can make a pretty good guess what way I lean politically. Which … Continue reading

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