Holiday Season- Conference Season

I didn’t mean to take a month “off” from writing. It just sort of…happened. Holidays, travel, a toddler hitting a “stage” and first trimester exhaustion came together in a perfect conglomerate of excuses to push it aside.

Like any skill or hobby (or…dare I say…New Years Resolution) once you fall out of the habit it is so much harder to start up again. Luckily, we are heading out of “holiday season” and into “conference season.” Conferences always get me fired up again about what I’m doing. After a session I am always scribbling notes and ideas in the margin of my outline and come away with about six new projects that I want to start IMMEDIATELY!

I’m making quite the round of conferences this spring. If you are going to any of them, come and find me!

I just got back from the Southern Early Childhood Association Conference but coming up there is….

* Virginia Association of Museums

* Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education

* American Alliance of Museums

I’m also trying something for the first time, I’ll be part of a Google Hangout sponsored by the National Arts Education Association all about young children and museums. This is online, free and happens over a lunch break (Feb. 11th at 1pm EST).  You will be able to join through their Google+ page (the main page is here). I’d love to have a lot of voices contributing and asking questions!

In case you need a refresher on “conference survival” you can read this post for tips! Have a great conference season.

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