Science Investigation with the Youngest Learners


I’ve been really lucky during my Cabinet of Curiosities adventure to have all kinds of people supporting me, giving me tips and “likes” and sharing contacts.  It has led me to some really interesting projects and made me stretch myself professionally, which is hard but definitely worth it.

When a friend from graduate school put me in touch with Peggy Ashbrook, I was excited to just sit and talk with her and see what insights she had on teaching science to kids.  After all, she had written “Science is Simple” and her byline was on some of my favorite science articles.

After we’d been in touch for a while she asked if I’d be willing to write  a guest post on the National Science Teachers Association Blog!  You can bet I said yes without hesitation…but then got cold feet.  I really wasn’t sure what I could contribute and I didn’t feel too confident that I had anything meaningful to add.

It was about this time that my son was determinedly teaching himself to put blocks in and out of boxes AND tossing food off his high chair with great delight.  As I watched him I thought that THIS was my inspiration for an article.  With babies and toddlers, “academic” learning looks and feels very different  and can be hard to recognize as it is happening.  However, that doesn’t mean that real scientific investigation isn’t happening!

I hope you enjoy the article on the blog.  It is definitely a topic with much more to be said, so hopefully I will explore other aspects of it down the road!

Introducing Guest Blogger, Sarah Erdman, writing about toddlers

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  2. Laura says:

    This was great to rread

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