5 year old- “Why do all these books have girls in them?”

Me- “You know, it is strange, most books for kids have either boys as the main characters or animals! So, when I see a good book with a girl as a main character I get it.”

5- “Yeah! Because you are a girl!”

Me- “That’s right, and I’m kind of awesome”

5- “You are awesome”

Me- “Thanks! And think how your sister would feel if all the books in our house had only boys in them!”

5- “That wouldn’t be fair! Why do they do lots of boy books?”

Me- “Well, some people think that if a book is about a girl that boys won’t want to read it”

5- “What? It’s just pretend!”

Me- “Exactly! And, if the book is about a family, well, you have a family so it doesn’t matter if it is about a girl or a boy”

5- “Yeah! I like all your books Mama”

We need diverse books. If you are looking to add to your library you can check out a growing list of resources here: Early Childhood Book Resources


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