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You know you haven’t been dividing your time equally when Facebook sends you an email reminding you to update.  Whoops! I find that is what happens when I take on a new project. I have to do so much front-end work getting things set up that my other projects have to tick along with the minimum for a little while.

What is this new project, you ask? Well! I am now teaching early childhood science classes at Ideaventions, a science center focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education for kids from preschool through high school! I’m really excited to have a steady opportunity to try out hands-on science learning with kids.

Although it seems like yet another left turn, I really think it dovetails nicely with my work in bringing together museums and young children. In each class we are using objects and experiments to help learn concepts, which is a great method for museums to use. Also, getting regular interaction with young children will keep me current on how they think and interact.

So, stay tuned for things I’m coming up with from this new (personal) experiment!

Oh! I am also helping run their social media outreach…so please head over and check out our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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