Animals in Winter with Vienna Moms Inc.

This morning was, I think, the biggest program to date!  Vienna Moms Inc. ( hosted at Patrick Henry Library and we had a great turn-out of budding scientists!

The biggest challenge with programs like that is to make sure that there are activities appropriate for the youngest and oldest kiddos.  Keeping things open ended (in education jargon this is “process” vs. “product” oriented activities) makes sure that each kid can do it “their way” without stressing about how things will turn out.  I also really like having multiple activities going and try to include building and movement whenever possible!  This helps everyone find something to make them happy.

This morning, the playdough and blocks were the great equalizers! It was fun to watch the kids concentrating on each thing they were constructing and proudly showing it off when they were done.  As I was cleaning up I was so happy to see carefully formed tracks in the lumps of playdough…always nice to know that your ideas are being absorbed and tried out!

A few of the parents told me that having an activity like this during the winter is especially welcome.  If you know a group that could use a winter “pick me up” make sure to pass along our name.  Libraries, Girl/Boy Scout troops, Parent Groups, Preschools….anyone is welcome!

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