VAECE, VAM and AAM Presentations!

Cabinet of Curiosities is going on the road!  There are three exciting presentations coming up in the next three months that should appeal to Early Childhood Educators AND Museum Professionals.  Hopefully you can come check them out and give me a chance to meet you in person.  I’ve included links for more information but you can also send me a message directly and I’ll give you the scoop.  Hope to see you there!

If you are planning to attend the Virginia Association for the Early Childhood Education (VAECE) Conference in Reston, Virginia make sure you come to my session and say hello! I’m going to be presenting “Museums and Early Childhood Education: A How To Guide” on Thursday, February 14th at 12:00pm.  You can find more information on the organization and register at

Also on the horizon is the Virginia Association of Museums Conference at The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA on March 10th at 1:00pm.  This presentation is titled “Thinking Outside of the Box: Serving Non-Traditional Audiences through Unconventional Partnerships” and is a collaboration with Sharon Celsor-Hughes, Creative Arts Director, Alzheimer’s Association of Central and Western Virginia and Lisa Martin, Senior Program
Director, Reynolds Homestead.  Should be a really interesting discussion with a focus on useful and applicable strategies!  For more information and to register visit

Finally, look a bit farther down the calendar to May 21st, we have a great session scheduled at the American Alliance of Museums Conference in Baltimore, MD!  It is called “Baby Steps: Making Museums Welcoming for Children Under Three.”  Don’t let the 8:45am start time dampen your enthusiasm, this presentation will be hands-on, full of useful information and include some of the best professionals I know.  Visit to register and find out more information.

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