Not Just a Chair

imageThis is not just a chair, it was one of the most welcome sights in the Maryland Science Center. Tucked in a corner of the baby/toddler area it was comfortable, had a footstool and a “Boppy” pillow nearby.

I have nursed my babies in cafeterias, on benches, on the floor in an unobtrusive corner, in family bathrooms and in my car. It is do-able, but I wouldn’t call it fun. Being able to sit comfortably, in an area where I knew no one was going to glare at me for nursing in public just made the whole day easier.

Not every museum is able to have a dedicated baby-care area, but it is worth taking a look. Do you have space for a chair or bench? A clean place (meaning not the bathroom!) where you can offer privacy when requested? Moms have a right to nurse anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we would turn down a comfortable spot if one was available!

Small gestures like this go a long way to building good relationship with families. They will come back, they will spread the word to their friends that you are welcoming. These are repeat visitors (and future donors!) that you are cultivating.

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