Collecting is Child’s Play

Collecting is Child PlayWent for a rainy, fall wander with my three year old and quickly realized…anyone who says that museums aren’t for kids has never been on a walk with a young child.

“Oh Collecting is Child Play2Mama, look at that one! Oh Mama! I need that one for my collection.” Each soggy leaf was inspected, and lovingly tucked into the pail. Once we got home they were spread out to be admired, rearranged and discussed.

At their core, museums are buildings full of stuff that someone thought was important. What is more natural to a young child?

They gravitate toward collecting and see connections and importance in objects that others miss.  They love to sort, classify and learn by doing. They want to know WHAT, WHY and HOW and see it for themselves.


Museum folks and young children have more in common then either might realize.

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