Slowly but surely I’ve been taking on Twitter. I’m following folks, I’m making lists…and now I’m even helping launch a weekly chat.

#MuseumEdChat (Thursdays, 8:00pm EST) is for anyone in the museum world, and especially those that think about education and the visitor experience. Each week has a different theme and the moderator poses questions with professionals from all over adding their opinions. We’ve chatted about the definition of “families,” social media and the museum and how to keep the conference “fire” going after you return.

To follow along just search for “#MuseumEdChat”and don’t hesitate to jump in with your thoughts! Tonight’s chat is all about internships. The #MuseumWorkersSpeak conversation (that I first heard about at the American Alliance of Museums conference) has been talking a lot about the role internships play in museums and, perhaps, what role they SHOULD play. So, we are going to delve into all of that, plus some “tips” for interns AND supervisors.  Should be a great conversation, hope you can join us!

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