Quick Guide to the American History Museum…with Kids

Visiting the National Museum of American History with KidsFor most families, even those with museum fever, the sheer logistics of a trip can be hard to overcome. I’ve been keeping a running list on Your Family Adventures in Washington, D.C. of stroller access and good places to feed/change your little one. This week, I took it one step farther on “O Say Can You See?” the blog for the National Museum of American History.

In this post, you can get some useful tips for visiting the museum with kids, including bathrooms that are less likely to have lines! Hopefully you find it useful.

Strollers, security, and snacks: A parent’s guide to visiting the museum with kids

By Sarah Erdman 

As a mom, I know the National Museum of American History is a great place to visit with kids. There is so much to see and do… which sometimes can be part of the problem. When you are visiting with young children on a busy day, it can be hard for all of you to handle. Here is my quick list of the places and resources around the museum that might make your visit a bit easier.

Nursing/bottle feeding: You are welcome to nurse and feed your baby anywhere in the museum that you are comfortable. Most of the hallways, and some of the exhibitions, have benches for you to use. If you would like a little more privacy, the family restrooms also have a bench available. In our food exhibition, there are benches where you can also watch clips of Julia Child’s cooking shows, though the space can get a little busy…continue reading here

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