Not QUITE a Twitter Convert…but Almost

I joined Twitter just over a year ago.  For almost that whole first year I just let my Facebook statuses run my Twitter page.  I felt like I had all I could handle just getting my Facebook page up and running and keeping on top of my programs.

Then, a few months ago, I decided if I was going to be on Twitter I should actually try to USE Twitter. Slowly, cautiously, and with lots of help from @erinblasco (American History) and @MsKelseyGamble (my sister) I started to learn the ropes.

I’m not quite there yet, I still find Twitter somewhat exhausting and full of expectations I don’t quite understand.  I don’t have a smartphone so I have to grab it in one big chunk on my computer…usually after the toddler is in bed. Still, I’m getting in on the fun. Let’s see, what do I like so far? I’ll even do this in short sentences in the spirit of Twitter!

* I like how it feels like a conversation, just with people I’ve maybe never met and might not meet.

* I like how it brings museum professionals together (we need each others support) and lets us spread good ideas, awesome programs and fun exhibits.

* I like that it proves the power of a group…just go back and look at #MuseumSelfie to see what an idea can become.

* I like that it makes “celebrities,” whether in the traditional term or just the celebrities of our profession, feel closer and like real people (I almost fell off my chair when @SoniaMManzano who plays “Maria” on Sesame Street responded to something I wrote)

Who knows if I’ll become a true Twitter convert.  I want to use it well, I want to be interesting/effective/helpful through my tweets…but can I? Suggestions and ideas are gratefully accepted!

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