Museum Professional, Early Childhood Educator…Mom

Museum Professional, Early Childhood Educator and Mom.  Those are the opening credentials on my Instructor Profile. The first two are pretty standard, but that last one has caught a few people off-guard.  I didn’t write it to be daring, or cute, I wrote it because it is true.

I am a Mom, to the most amazing little boy, and it has made me better qualified for my work with Cabinet of Curiosities.  Since I’m getting daily, hands-on experience with an infant I’ll be able expand my offerings to the youngest learners. I also have a much clearer understanding of what families with young children need and can make sure my programs provide the most comfortable environment possible.   Not only that, all those skills I used in the classroom (patience, creativity, spontaneity, flexibility…) are getting a daily workout!

Hopefully one day, listing parenthood as part of your skills and experience will be much more common.  Until then, when you see it on my professional bio, you can rest assured it means you have an instructor who has seen all sides of working with young children and is excited to work with yours!

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