FB Meekins

Hello friends! Since we will be closed for a while I wanted to put a page together where you can come and see fun things I’ve noticed, listen to stories and your grown-ups can get ideas for activities you can do together.

I’ll have pictures and links here or I’ll link to a shared album in Google. If you click on the link and then click on the image again you’ll be able to read the captions. I’ll miss you so much until we are back in school!

~Mrs. Erdman

Breathing Exercises: The Blues finish every meeting time choosing a breath (bunny, snake or flower) and then doing “balloon breaths” I’ve created a short video for each so you can do them whenever you need to! These are great for calming down at any time of the day.

Daisy: Daisy is our class owl and she usually comes out at meeting time to give hugs and high fives and to listen to the children’s stories. This video is her giving virtual hugs, then just sitting attentively to listen to what your child has to say! Feel free to cue it up at any point and Daisy will listen to any stories or worries or jokes!

Story Time!: Mrs. Bloch and I are going to share some stories with you! We’ll upload vidoes reading some of our favorite stories for you to enjoy. If you have any stories you want to hear send us a message.

Storytime with Ms. Jasenak!!: Our wonderful Greens/Music teacher is doing a daily story on Facebook Live through the FB Meekins page. You can find all the past stories here.

Just for Kids!

It was very sunny today so I spent a lot of time outside. Look at what I saw in my yard today! 

If you are starting to write, you might want to write in code! This Decoder Wheel lets you make your own secret messages. I have one too, if you email me a message I will write you one back!

I took the praying mantis egg case (did you know it is called an ootheca?) home with me and am keeping it safe. I’ll post pictures as soon as the babies hatch! UPDATE! When I came downstairs this morning the babies had hatched! It was hard to count but we estimated that there were 50-80 babies. I took a video, I know it is a little hard to see because of the mesh of the enclosure but it should give you a sense. I let the hatchlings go in the garden but we are keeping one to observe for a while so I will try to post an updated picture.

Resources for Grown-Ups

I know that explaining what Coronavirus is and why we have to not go out as much can be a bit overwhelming. I liked this very simple way to explain it from Dr. Stephanie Grant “We’re working together to keep more people from getting sick by pausing school and other places crowds may be…it’s so awesome so many people are working to help one another out!

Remember that preschool aged kids are mostly concerned about how things around them will be changing so focus on the things that will stay the same like getting up, eating breakfast, reading books etc. Social Stories are something that I use a lot because they are really clear and help kids understand what is going on. I was given the link to this one by The Autism Educator that may be helpful for some of your kiddos who really like to read through and process everything!                                                   


The Libby App lets you borrow e-books and audiobooks through Fairfax County Public Library! There are lots of great books for kids (and adults!) that you can read through the app or on a kindle. FCPL also has “Vox Read Along Books” where you can play the narration right from the physical book!

Did you know that Fairfax County Public Schools has its own TV network?, You can access it on TV, YouTube and many other places. There are a lot of different programs including conversations with authors!  Many of these are for older kids so you will want to preview them.

If you listen to podcasts there are lots of family friendly offerings. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and Brains On are two favorites in our house but there are lists of others- like this one from Common Sense Media

Google Arts and Culture lets you take a virtual tour of a museum, explore cities and places around the world and even zoom in 3D into historic sites!

I’m not a fan of worksheets (shocking to hear I’m sure!) but these activity pages can be a fun way for your child to get their creativity going! https://jarrettlerner.com/activities/ Scholastic has also put together some activities and books to go with them.

Can’t get outside? You can use Go Noodle or maybe try some Cosmic Kids Yoga to keep your kids moving.

Fun ways to practice spelling/sight words/learning how to spell your name is making a popsicle stick puzzle!